Our Mission at Turner Business Appraisers


To be the best audit firm in our industry in service and in work-product. We will achieve excellence by hiring, training and retaining highly competent teammates while cultivating an attitude to always do what is right.


Core Values:


  • Our customers are our partners –Our goal is to retain our current customer base and add new customers at a manageable growth rate
  • We will honor & respect people
  • We will love our neighbors as ourselves
  • We will be quick to listen, Slow to Anger, & Slow to Speak
  • We will ensure that all employees have a clean, comfortable, safe work environment
  • We will nurture relationships that are characterized by commitment and mutual respect between us and our partners (e.g., local government Staff, Taxpayers, the Department of Revenue and Tax Professionals)
  • When an impasse arises on a ambivalent issue, we will yield our judgment to the customer



  • We will deliver customer-focused Service, with a quality, reliable work-product
  • We will maintain a cheerful and positive attitude toward teammates, customers and all other contacts.
  • We will glorify God with our work



  • We will be humble and Biblical stewards with our resources.
  • We will maximize revenue generation by efficiently and effectively completing assignments in a timely manner.
  • Each member of the team is to be fiscally responsible for their discretionary spending (e.g., travel, meals, hotel, etc.)


Commitment to Excellence

  • We will courteously return all customer phone calls and emails within 1 business day
  • We will complete all audits within 60 days of initial contact (date of initial letter)
  • Through personal development we will train and develop the most knowledgeable staff of auditors in our industry
  • We will invest in the latest technology to stay ahead of our competitors