Compliance Audits

During our 13.5 year history we have primarily focused our efforts on business personal property compliance audits; however all of our auditors and CPAs have hands on experience with a myriad of state & local tax compliance. The shared expertise of our adept audit staff insures you that TBA is equipped to spearhead any type of tax compliance audit that you need including:


  • Business Personal Property
  • Room Occupancy Tax
  • Prepared Food & Beverage Tax
  • Rental Vehicle and U-Drive it
  • Privilege License


Business Personal Property Tax Compliance:
We verify the accuracy of the business personal property tax listings submitted to the tax office. This is accomplished by comparing the taxpayer's books with the tax listing, along with a visual inspection of the personal property. TBA, Inc. offers comprehensive personal property tax audit services, from identifying potential audits to generating timely results.


Room Occupancy Compliance
Our auditors ensure that all of your constituents are collecting and remitting the local statutory room occupancy tax. Moreover, our firm is familiar with the nuances of the room occupancy tax rules—since our staff includes 5 CPA's you can be confident that we will perform the necessary due diligence to ensure the integrity and equity of your tax system. Utilizing the latest technology we will also discover all short term rental owners who have decided not to participate in your jurisdictions room occupancy tax system.


Prepared Food & Beverage Compliance, Rental Vehicle and U-Drive
TBA has developed strategic audit plans for each of these taxes to ensure that all of your eligible PF&B and rental vehicle taxpayers are collecting and remitting the appropriate taxes as required by local ordinance and/or State General Statutes.


Privilege Licenses
A plethora of different rules from jurisdiction to jurisdiction cause the privilege license to be especially susceptible to errors, omissions and non-participation. Contact TBA today to learn more about our proprietary strategy which will increase equity among all of your constituents.