About Turner Business Appraisers

Turner Family

In October 1999 while eating breakfast with friends at a Cracker Barrel restaurant Jim Turner conceived the idea of Turner Business Appraisers and by June of 2000 the Company had signed its first agreement. Since signing that first agreement in 2000 we have performed literally thousands of audits leading to the recovery of millions of tax dollars for our customers. And we have earned the reputation for providing impeccable service at a reasonable price which has been the catalyst for steady growth.


Professionalism-We intentionally seek and hire well-seasoned, Certified Public Accounts which empowers us to provide our customers with a well-qualified auditor on each assignment.


Integrity-Our modus operandi is to be the best audit firm in the industry in service and in work-product. Our motto is that we will achieve excellence by hiring, training, and retaining highly competent teammates while cultivating an attitude to always do what is right.


Rapport-Thankfully, we have perennially been successful in performing property tax compliance audits without experiencing any public relations issues. Surprisingly, we are often praised by taxpayers probably due to our policy to treat all taxpayers with respect. Consequently, this creates goodwill between the County tax office and your taxpayers, which has enabled our customers to recover substantial amounts of tax revenue without suffering adverse public relations.


Customer Care-We have established a reputation with our customers for providing an accurate, professional, courteous, results-oriented audit product at an affordable price. We are committed to ensuring client satisfaction. Indicative of this is the fact that all of our regular customers have continued to renew their agreement with us year after year.






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